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Article: Review and Tasting Notes for Mac-Talla Mara, an Islay Single Malt Whisky

Mac-Talla Mara Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review and Tasting Notes

Review and Tasting Notes for Mac-Talla Mara, an Islay Single Malt Whisky

I recently reviewed Mac-Talla Terra, and today I’m reviewing Mac-Talla Mara - its cask strength sibling. This is an Islay single malt scotch from Morrison Distillers, a family who have enjoyed a love story with the Island of Islay for the past five generations; you can read the story of The Morrisons, Islay, and Bowmore here. You can read more about the Morrisons’ story here.

Mac-Talla Mara is presented at natural cask strength of 58.2%, and like its lower proof sibling it is also bottled natural colour and without chill filtration. Mac-Talla means “echo” in Scottish Gaelic, and this particular expression is named after and for the sea around Islay.

Mac-Talla Mara Islay Whisky Review And Tasting Notes

Let’s give this whisky a try.

Mac-Talla Mara tasting notes

Colour: Natural colour; pale straw. Thickly coats my copita, with multiple legs running down the side of the glass in parallel.

Nose: Marzipan and almonds. Pebbles on the wet sand of the beach. Peat smoke from the nearby campfire. Soft citrus fruits, including lemon. At 58.2% the alcohol is very well integrated on the nose, with no alcohol burn.

Palate: Medium to full mouthfeel, with a pleasing oiliness that coats the mouth. More of that almond marzipan, balanced against gentle citrus fruits. Islay peat smoke, working well against the almond and citrus. There’s a creaminess to this whisky, vanilla cream, perhaps the combination of the ABV and the cask.

Finish: Medium to long finish with vanilla, oak and a touch of warming spice.

Mac-Talla Mara review

I really enjoyed this whisky. Well, I enjoyed by the Terra I reviewed previously and this Mara expression. For me, the high ABV boosts the flavours and body. I still think this is a welcoming Islay, one I’d be pleased to pour for Islay newcomers. And at £48, I think this represents great value. 

You can find out more about the Mac-Talla range here, and if you’d like to try this whisky for yourself you can buy Mac-Talla Mara here.

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