The Best Whisky Gift You Can Give is Personalised

Mike Collings created Blue Label, Green Label, Classic Malts, Rare Malts amongst others. Imperial Tribute reflects Mike’s quest to create the ultimate whisky gift.

Imperial Tribute is a truly voluptuous malt whisky. It is a marriage of richness, subtle spice and elegant complexity.

The bottle is wrapped in handmade paper from Nepal and tied with an Italian silk ribbon.

Each bottles comes with a personalised vellum certificates that are embossed with gold foil.

Each bottle is individually numbered & personalised. Only 300 bottles released worldwide.

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Imperial Tribute, the best unusual whisky gift you can buy
Imperial Tribute, a luxury malt scotch whisky

From the man behind Johnnie Walker Blue

A luxury malt scotch whisky

Richly wooded, dark Madeira spice which melts into a sumptuous middle, finishes with a hint of peat smoke, honeycombed creamy vanilla and sweet oak.

An exquisite blend of richness, subtle spice and elegant complexity. Imperial Tribute is wonderfully balanced and an amazing depth of flavour.

Our exquisite whisky is a blend of single malt whiskies spanning four decades. The 10-year-old whiskies provide fruit. The older 20, 30 & 40-year-old whiskies add complexity.

Imperial Tribute whisky has a second maturation in custom-made Madeira barriques. The Madeira imbues the whisky with rich, sumptuous smoothness and an intriguing hint of honeycomb sweetness.

It’s an astonishing whisky for extraordinary people.

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For the whisky lover in your life

Imperial Tribute Whisky, perfect scotch gift

Each bottle is personalised by hand. The receiver's name is included on the label, and you can include personal messages on both the certificate and the gift card. It's the ultimate whisky gift.

On receipt of your order, craftsmen inscribe your message on the bottle and the certificate of ownership. Then, the limited-edition bottle is gift wrapped by hand using the finest Nepalese paper. After wrapping the boxes in ribbon, it's dispatched with a personalised gift card.

This is the perfect whisky gift to mark any occasion.

Or you could buy it for yourself. We all deserve something really special sometimes.

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Personalised bottle of scotch whisky, makes the best gift
Mike Collings Scotch industry veteran and the founder of the Firkin Whisky Co

Created by whisky legend

Mike Collings

Whisky veteran Mike Collings created Imperial Tribute because he wanted the best premium whisky gift. It wasn’t the first time Mike created a premium whisky. He was the man behind Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Johnnie Walker Green Label, The Classic Malts, Royal Lochnagar and, most recently, The Firkin Whisky Co.

Mike wanted Imperial Tribute to be a new genre of luxury malt whisky. Three principles guided him:

1. Use the finest ingredients

2. Select whiskies at the peak of perfection

3. Never compromise on quality

The result is a sumptuous whisky gift, and you can buy Imperial Tribute here.