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About Evan and Ed from TopWhiskies

You can sum up what you need to know about TopWhiskies in four words: we love drinking whisky. Single malt scotch whisky. Bourbon. Irish Whiskey. Whiskies from Japan, Australia, Sweden and Canada. We could keep listing countries, but you get the idea. We love drinking whisky. TopWhiskies helps you find the best whisky.

Now, as Raymond Carver said, there is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskies that aren’t as good as others. And, in our years of drinking whisky, we haven’t found a bad one. Well, maybe one. But don’t worry, you can’t buy it on TopWhiskies.

TopWhiskies is a specialist online whisky shop where you can buy scotch, bourbon and whiskey. We specialise in independent whisky bottlers, emerging distilleries and unique single malt scotch. We love what they do. And we want you to love what they do.

TopWhiskies brings indie bottlers into one place in a collection of unique, rare, and extraordinary whiskies. We want to make it easy to find fantastic single malt scotch and whiskey. That’s our job. We love it.

Discovering the Best Whiskies

The copper stills from a single malt scotch whisky distillery.

TopWhiskies started on social media. We posted photos of whisky we liked, and we shared their stories. As we connected with more people, they told us single malt whisky felt intimidating. So, our goal was to make whisky more accessible. We want everyone to love and appreciate whisky.

But it wasn’t long before our followers started asking where they could buy the whiskies we shared. That’s how our online whisky shop started. TopWhiskies social media channels promote the whiskies we love to drink. The store is a way for people around the world try them for themselves. And we hope all those people will enjoy the whisky as much as we do.

TopWhiskies’ Founders

TopWhiskies Founders Evan Hirsch and Ed Leigh at the Glenfiddich single malt scotch whisky distillery


Evan and Ed would be pleased to tell you more about TopWhiskies. Send them an email to have a chat. And perhaps even share a dram.