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Chapter 7 Single Cask Scotch Whisky

An award-winning anthology

Chapter 7 Whisky


Chapter 7, An Independent Bottler of Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Chapter 7: Independent Bottler of Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A measure of whisky is a story. It speaks of the distillery that produced it, the cask that matured it, and the experience of the people who selected it. A whisky can have the youthful exuberance of a Jane Austin character, the resonance of an Alfred Tennyson poem and the surprise finish of an Agatha Christy novel. Chapter 7 uses whisky to write an anthology, and every edition is a new chapter.

Chapter 7 Whisky is an Independent Bottler. They don’t make whisky, we discover it. They find exceptional casks that mature extraordinary whiskies.

A cask of whisky is a living, breathing, thing. Air moves in and out of the cask. The whisky’s flavour evolves and changes as it matures in the oak. Ageing adds character. And they find the best characters to bottle.

Single Cask Whisky from Independent Bottler Chapter 7

Monologue: single cask whiskies

Every monologue sooner or later becomes a discussion. ― Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter

No two casks are the same. Even whiskies distilled from the same distillery on the same day, are unique. They have their own stories to tell.

A single cask takes the stage in the Monologue Series from Chapter 7 Whisky. A Monologue whisky is a unique expression. It tells the story of the distillery that produced the whisky and the cask where it matured. There will never be a repeat performance; when all the bottles are sold there will never be any more. We usually bottle our Monologue whiskies at cask strength. But sometimes we’ll discover a younger malt that reveals itself at a lower strength.

Vatted malt whisky blend from Chapter 7

Anecdote: vatted whiskies

A life saved is a statistic; a person hurt is an anecdote. Statistics are invisible; anecdotes are salient. ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable 

Holmes & Watson; Frodo & Sam; Harry, Ron & Hermione. Some characters complement each other. Bringing casks together sometimes creates something grander than the sum of their parts.

The Anecdote Series from Chapter 7 Whisky is an ensemble performance. An Anecdote whisky is a personal experience. We make them by bringing unusual whiskies together or with rare small batches. We curate these whiskies with casks that have something worth saying and bottle an anecdote when we know it will tell an intriguing story.

Small Batch whisky from craft scotch bottler Chapter 7

Chronicle: small batch whiskies

A chronicle is very different from history. ― Howard Nemerov, The Journal of Philosophy

A cask of whisky is a living, breathing, thing. The porous oak allows air in and out of the cask. The interaction gently moves the whisky as it interacts with the wood and matures in flavour.

The Chronicle series from Chapter 7 Whisky shows how time changes the flavour of maturing whisky. A Chronicle whisky is a small batch we repeat over time; drawing the whisky from our ageing cask reserves. Each Chronicle is part of an evolving sequence. The whiskies have nuances, eccentricities and charm from ageing and sensational wood fusions. Like siblings, each Chronicle whisky is different; but they have a shared foundation.

Independent whisky bottler Chapter 7 premium scotch

About Chapter 7 Whisky

Passion, curiosity and the thrill of discovery lead Selim Evin to start Chapter 7 Whisky in 2014. Selim is an independent whisky bottler. He doesn’t make whisky, he finds it. He looks for exceptional casks that mature extraordinary whisky.   

Literature inspired his whisky. He finds a whisky that has a heart and soul, whisky that you’ll remember long after you finish your glass.

Cask end prints inspired his label design. Marking cask ends is how you find your cask in a warehouse, and he wants his whiskies to leave their mark on you too. 

Street signs inspired his typography. Bringing you Chapter 7 Whisky is a journey of passion, curiosity and discovery. 

Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man monologue from As You Like It inspired his bottler's name. Like a man, whisky ages and changes as it matures in a cask.