Càrn Mòr

One of Scotland's Oldest Whisky Families

Càrn Mòr is owned by one of the oldest whisky families in Scotland, the Morrisons. The family dynasty started in the 18th century when they were grocers. Over the years they have grown into whisky brokers, blenders, and distillers. Today they are known as Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers and are led by Jamie and Brian Morrison.

In every whisky Càrn Mòr release, the Morrisons are committed to imparting the knowledge they have learned from generations of family whisky makers while embracing innovation.

Carn Mor is their independent bottler label. You may also like Old Perth, their sherried range, and Mac-Talla's Islay range.

Càrn Mòr independent bottlers of single malt scotch whisky
Càrn Mòr Caol Ila 2013 Ruby Port