What is an independent whisky bottler?

Independent whisky bottlers buy casks of whisky from distilleries and bottle them under their own label. While they don't distil the whisky, they do develop the flavour of the whisky. They do this by choosing how long to mature it for. And sometimes they use cask finishes to add additional layers of flavour. 

What do independent whiskey bottlers do?

Independent whisky bottlers look for the best whiskies. They're looking for whiskies that either showcase the very best of a particular distillery. Or, that are unique examples of bold, different flavours. They carefully taste a range of single casks, before choosing only those that meet their high standards.

They can then choose to either bottle their chosen casks straightaway under their own independent labels. Or, they can choose to further enhance the flavour of the whisky by ageing it in their warehouses for longer. They can also move the whisky to another cask (known as re-racking) to add an additional layer of flavour, for example sherry casks or port casks.

Indy bottlers often, but not always, bottle at higher alcohol strength, including natural cask strength. Generally speaking, they do not use chill filtration, or add caramel colouring, choosing instead to keep their whiskies natural. 

List of independent whisky bottlers making the best single cask malt scotch whiskies

Unique whiskies from indy brands

Here at TopWhiskies.com we love independent whisky bottlers (you can read about some of our favourites indies here). We find they're a great source of top quality single malt scotch whiskies at fair prices. There are plenty of unique offerings, single cask whiskies, and interesting maturation techniques. Plus, these independent brands are often run by small teams of passionate individuals. So, in buying their whiskies, you're supporting both them and their families.

We're proud to support some great independent bottlers. You can find the independent whisky bottlers we stock here. But there's a wide world of choice out there, so here's a directory list of independent bottlers.

List of independent whisky bottlers, in alphabetical order.

  1. Adelphi Selection
  2. AD Rattray
  3. Artful Dodger
  4. Berry Brothers & Rudd (BB&R)
  5. Blackadder
  6. Càrn Mòr
  7. Chapter 7 Whisky
  8. Chorlton Whisky
  9. Compass Box
  10. Douglas Laing
  11. Douglas McGibbon
  12. Duncan Taylor
  13. Dun Eideann
  14. DS Tayman
  15. Fable Whisky
  16. Gleann Morr Spirits
  17. Goldfinch Whisky Merchants
  18. Gordon & Macphail
  19. Great Drams
  20. Hart Brothers
  21. Hunter Laing
  22. Hidden Spirits
  23. Ian Macleod
  24. Imperial Tribute
  25. James Eadie
  26. James MacArthur
  27. JG Thomson
  28. Kilnsman's Dram
  29. Lady of The Glen
  30. Liquid Treasures
  31. Little Brown Dog Spirits
  32. Lombard Scotch Whisky
  33. MacKillop's Choice
  34. Malts of Scotland
  35. Murray McDavid
  36. Na Braithrean
  37. Oxhead
  38. Paloma
  39. Peg Whisky
  40. Rest and Be Thankful
  41. Roger's Whisky Company
  42. Samaroli
  43. Samuel Gulliver & Co
  44. Scotch & Tattoos
  45. Scott's Selection
  46. Secret Spirits
  47. Signatory
  48. Single Cask Nation
  49. Single Malt Whisky Society (SMWS)
  50. Single Note Whisky
  51. Skene Scotch Whisky
  52. Speciality Brands Ltd
  53. Spiritfilled
  54. Swell De Spirits
  55. That Boutique-y Whisky Company
  56. The Firkin Whisky Co
  57. The Single Cask
  58. The Whisky Baron
  59. The Whisky Cellar
  60. The Vintage Malt Whisky Company
  61. Uncharted Whisky Company 
  62. Valinch & Mallet
  63. Watt Whisky
  64. Waxhouse Whisky Co
  65. W.D. O'Connell
  66. Wemyss Malts
  67. Whisky Art Journey
  68. Whisky Broker
  69. Whisky Is The Limit
  70. William Cadenhead's
  71. Wilson and Morgan
  72. Woodrow's of Edinburgh

How to bottle your own whisky or whiskey and become an independent bottler

How to bottle your own whiskies?

Many whisky lovers dream of producing their own whisky. The most realistic way of achieving this dream is to become an independent bottler. While there are still costs involved, and many things to get right, becoming an indie bottler is easier than building your own distillery. If you'd like to find out more, read our guide to making your own whisky here, which looks at five points to consider:

  1. Why do you want to make your own whisky?
  2. How many bottles do you want?
  3. What type of base spirit do you want to use?
  4. What type of cask do you want your whisky matured in, and where will you store it?
  5. Things to think about when bottling your whisky

Get in touch

If you'd like to add an independent whisky bottler to the list (last updated November 2022), or if you yourself are an independent bottler and you're interested in learning more about what we do here at TopWhiskies, do get in touch, you can email Ed here: ed@topwhiskies.com.