What Is A Peg Of Whisky?

Peg is so much more than a measure of whisky. A Peg of whisky is about friends talking, laughing and coming together. A Peg is about community.

Perhaps Peg is better defined as a measure of spirit.

Two fingers of whisky

what is a Whisky Peg?

What is a peg of whisky? It's the stuff of legends.

There are many stories about the origins of the whisky peg. Our favourite is about a Maharaja who was a canny diplomat. The Maharaja hosted parties for British officials. His liquor party diplomacy proved useful in dealing with British officials.

But the Maharaja had a problem. He needed to keep his officers from getting as drunk as the British officials. The Maharaja decided to limit his officers’ drinking to no more than two servings at a time. The servings couldn't be more than two fingers in height.

Now it was the Maharaja’s officers who had a problem. But, they found a loophole. While the Maharaja had restricted their drinks to two fingers, he didn’t say which fingers.

When the officers ordered a whisky, they told the bartenders to measure between their index and pinky fingers. And so the Peg Whisky was born.

What Is A Peg Of Whisky Bottle
What is a peg of whisky, bottle of scotch from Peg

About Peg Whisky

One evening, two brothers, Mandeep and Kully, were enjoying a drink. We talked about how much we love drinking a peg and thought about how amazing it would be to create a whisky.

We had no idea how we’d do it. We laughed about it for a few hours until we thought: ‘Let’s just do it!’ So, we did.

We wanted a whisky to bring together history, legend and culture. Our whisky had to be a fantastic spirit, infused with elegance. In short, something that will change what we all know and love about whisky.

We created Peg Whisky to blend passion with culture. Ours is whisky that the whole world can appreciate, one dram at a time. We have something for everyone, from blended scotch to single cask.

So, please, sit back and join us for a Peg.