Mackmyra swedish whisky

Swedish nature, bottled in a whisky

“Why are there no whisky distilleries in Sweden?” one of the friends asked. No one could answer the question, leaving it floating in the air. Sweden has no tradition of making whisky, which Mackmyra’s founding friends thought was strange. Everywhere they looked, they saw opportunities in Sweden’s nature to create the best whiskies.

In Sweden, you can find one of the world’s purest waters, filtered to perfection by nature herself over the hundreds of years since the Ice Age.  

Swedish barley develops a special sweetness during the long summer days, a sweetness that has become one of the cornerstones of Mackmyra’s whisky.

Swedish oak, which grows slowly in Sweden’s harsh climate, gives whisky a bolder flavour than American oak, with fiery spice balanced by caramelised sugar sweetness.

And so,Mackmyra Distillery was born.

The Gravity Distillery

Swedish Ingredients: Mackmyra use local barley from Swedish farms, and the water comes from the pebbled river running through Mackmyra’s estate. 

Malting: once harvested the barley is transported to Viking Malt in Halmstad in south-west Sweden, where it is malted.

Smoking: Mackmyra make their own smoked malt using peat and juniper twigs. The peat comes from Karinmossen, just outside Gävle, and the juniper comes from local heathland.

Climate-smart distilling: Mackmyra’s uses gravity at each stage of distillation, from feeding raw ingredients at the top to collecting the new-make spirit at the bottom, everything falls naturally from one stage to the next.

Transparency: It is important to Mackmyra that every bottle can be traced right back to the small batch of spirit it was made from.

Mackmyra Distillery Swedish Whisky
Mackmyra Moment Efva Swedish Single Malt Whisky