Mac-Talla Mara Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Morrison Distillers

Islay whisky, born of land and sea

As one of Scotland’s oldest whisky families, the Morrisons have had a strong presence on Islay for five generations. Let them take you on a taste journey across the island, allowing you to discover the depth and variety this perfect whisky making environment has to offer. 

Each whisky in the MacTalla range has been carved by Islay’s weather-beaten shores. It’s a taste of the untamed that leaves a lasting impression. 

There’s no place like Islay. Steeped in tradition, shaped by the elements, it’s long been a breeding ground for greatness. Great history. Great legacy. MacTalla Islay Whisky.

A love story through the generations

The Morrison family have a connection with Islay that goes back generations, across brokers, blenders, bottlers and of course distillers. In 1963, a chance lunchtime encounter at a Glasgow restaurant led to Stanley P. Morrison agreeing to purchase Islay’s oldest distillery, Bowmore that very day. A period of expansion followed, with new stills, mash tuns, washbacks and associated equipment. The quality, and reputation, of Bowmore’s whisky flourished.

Morrison Bowmore Distillers was eventually sold to Suntory in 1994. But in the latest chapter in the family legacy, Jamie and Brian Morrison continue to impart the knowledge that has been passed down from generations of family whisky makers. Through Mac-Talla, the family are able to take you on a journey across the island showcasing the great variety and depth in taste that Islay has to offer.

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Mac-Talla Terra Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky by Morrison Distillers
Mac-Talla Mara Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Morrison Distillers