Tattoos tell stories

Like Single Cask Whisky

Show me a man with a tattoo, and I'll show you a man with an exciting past. ― Jack London

Whisky in a bottle has a past, a story. It takes years to create a single malt scotch.

Whisky is alive when it matures. The cask breathes. The spirit moves in and out of the wood, changing and evolving. Whisky matures and tells the story about what made it.

Tattoos tell old stories too. The most personal stories indelibly mark you. Whisky in a cask. Ink on your skin.

Scotch & Tattoos release single malts that tell the story of how years in oak changes a whisky. They're an independent bottler who specialises in oak. Scotch and Tattoos select whiskies that have a unique past; time spent in casks that moulded and formed their character.

Scotch & Tattoo label has premium artwork promoting the single malt whisky
Scotch & Tattoos Independent Whisky Bottler of Single Malt Scotch

Meet Scotch and Tattoos' founder

Torsten Zimmerman

Torsten Zimmerman won’t tell you what his favourite whisky brands are. Why would he? He can roll up his sleeves.

The brands he loves left their mark on him, literally. Torsten’s arms are a tapestry of whisky.

He has a tattoo of Bimber’s eagle, Dalmore’s 12-pointed stag and Milk & Honey’s striped bull.

There’s the big ‘H’ of Highland Park and the Japanese Suntory brands.

And, of course, he has Scotch & Tattoos.

Torsten is a passionate independent bottler. He bottles unconventional whiskies. They are whiskies that will stay with you for a long time, maybe even forever.