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Handmade Whisky Glasses

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These glasses are handcrafted so no two glasses or covers are the same. A lot like our single cask whiskies! The glass is one of a kind, a unique, delicate shape - elegant, and refined.

There are two styles of glasses, the tulip design and the copita.

The Tulip Whisky Glass

This is a brilliant glass. It's tulip-shaped and made from handcrafted glass. The glass increases the aromatic notes in premium whiskies.

Recommended for heavier peat-smoke whiskies. The tapered mouth concentrates aromas so you can appreciate them. The delicate shape comes from a meticulous glass-blowing process. The high, slender stem emphasises the shape of the bowl.

The Copita Whisky Glass

The exceptional bowl shape is suitable for light, fruity and floral whiskies. The design facilitates nosing of subtle floral notes and intensifies the tasting experience.

The slender stem and solid base ensure a perfect grip. The glass comes with a top to prevent evaporation and preserve aromas.