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Article: Spiritfilled's Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 and Glenrothes 15

Spiritfilled's Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 and Glenrothes 15

Spiritfilled's Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 and Glenrothes 15

Expert cask broker Spiritfilled constantly search out the best casks of whisky. They launched their own series of independent bottlings in July, starting with an award-winning Caol Ila 12 Year Old finished in an Pedro Ximenez cask. The Mythical Beasts series features exceptional single cask whiskies, with beautiful, magical artwork. This month, they have released the second and third instalments in the collection, a Fettercairn 32 Year Old and a Glenrothes 15 Year Old.

Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 Year Old was procured from a private seller who had held the cask for over 30 years. With an outturn of 98 bottles, and at a cask strength of 48.6%, this single malt is an absolute winner. Spiritfilled kept this noble whisky exactly as they found it sleeping in an ex-Bourbon hogshead, where it had aged since its filling in July 1989. 

Spiritfilled’s Fettercairn is aptly named The Dryad. Deep in the beautiful forested glens and groves of the Highlands stands a mighty oak. Strong and silent, it hides a secret, hidden in its core: a tree nymph, beautiful, shy and unique. The Dryad deserves respect, with hidden strengths and beneficial supernatural powers, deeply connected to its Celtic roots. This whisky reflects the smooth flowing power of this mythical being, in touch with Nature and the spirit of Scotland, housed in oak, with a hint of mystery and a timeless quality.

The Dryad Fettercairn 32 Year Old Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Rich, juicy apricots and raisins, followed by caramelised apples, garnished with creme brûlée and gingerbread, around a core of oak and English breakfast tea.
  • Palate: Elegant, generous mouthfeel, opens with juicy apricots, orange marmalade, lemon tart and hints of English breakfast tea, subtle sweetness and distinct dryness establish parameters and unite to create richness, with a finale of gingerbread, oak and maltyness.
  • Finish: Light dryness joined by maltyness, as dryness grows oak and orange marmalade join in.

Spiritfilled's Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 and Glenrothes 15

Mythical Beasts Glenrothes 15 Year Old is a stunning single malt from the heart of Speyside. Much like the Fettercairn release, this scotch has been maturing in the same cask since it's filling: a first fill sherry butt. As well as creating a wonderful golden colour, the sherry influence has also created a very special flavour - enhanced by the traditional Glenrothes profile. With a limited number of 588 bottles from this cask at 55% ABV, it's a beautiful addition to the collection.

Spiritfilled’s Glenrothes takes its name from the river god Nyami Nyami. The sparkling blue waters of the mighty Spey wind their way through Speyside, their depths home to many myths. Gliding effortlessly through deep waterways, Nyami Nyami radiates benevolence, using his supernatural powers to provide sustenance for his followers, bestowing wealth and good fortune, and protecting them in troubled times. Yet there is a poignancy about his solitude; he searches the rivers endlessly, seeking a reunion with his beloved mate. If thwarted, this powerful beast has only to shake his mighty snake-like tail to send tremors through the earth and waves crashing to the riverbank. Smooth, strong and complex, with a sting in the tail, this mythical beast leaves a lasting impression.

Nyami Nyami Glenrothes 15 Year Old Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Rich apricot and orange marmalade extend with Brazil nuts. Then vanilla and lemon meringue appear, with a burst of maltyness and oak providing a spine.
  • Palate: Soft, rich mouthfeel. Concentrated flavours embrace each other, apricots, apricot jam, juicy lemon freshness and indulgent orange marmalade. Gingerbread emerges and maltyness grows backed up by oak and underlying toasted notes, with a luscious finale of fruit compote and nutmeg.
  • Finish: Tangy dryness grows with malty, oak notes, culminating in orange marmalade underlined by dryness.

Russell Spratley, Director, said: “We pride ourselves in finding the best casks for our clients. Sometimes, while we’re out searching for gems, we find whiskies that we simply fall in love with. We’re delighted to present these two exceptional single casks. The Fettercairn showcases three decades of careful bourbon maturation, while the Glenrothes is an exemplar in full term sherry maturation.”

You can find Spiritfilled's Dryad Fettercairn 32 Year Old here, and their Nyami Nyami Glenrothes 15 year old here.

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