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Spiritfilled are our cask partners. We work with them closely. They are expert whisky cask brokers, yes. But, more than that, they are whisky lovers. They're passionate. And that matters. They practice what they preach, and are an award winning independent bottler. They pioneered a cutting edge technique called 'New Era Of Cask' in Scotch. This maximised the flavour from a PX cask and bagged their latest release a Gold Medal.

This matters for two reasons. First, it means they have access to the best whisky casks available. And second, they know what they're talking about. Whether you're looking for a cask to buy or bottle, they can help.

Buying a whisky cask can be difficult. You need to do it the 'right way' with a trusted partner. All their whisky casks are stored in bonded warehouses, safe and secure. They have a bailment agreement. This means the casks are YOUR property, giving you vital legal protection. They have full insurance in place with Aviva, protecting your casks against theft, Fire, Flooding and Accidental Damage. Again, this is vital protection for your cask.

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Spiritfilled, Whisk Cask Brokers and Independent Bottlers
Buy a cask of whisky

Buy A Cask Of Whisky

What's better than a bottle of single malt? How about a barrel! Most whisky lovers have, at some point, dreamt about owning their own whisky. Bottling a cask can be a unique experience; whether for yourself, friends and family, or to sell. There are, of course, costs you need to consider. And, there are details you need to get right.

Five things to consider when buying a cask are as follows. First, why do you want to buy a barrel? What size of cask do you want? What type of base spirit are you interested in? What type of cask will you age your whisky in, and where will you store it? And, last but not least, if bottling it how will you do this?

It can be a lot to think about. But if you want to buy a cask of whisky, Spiritfilled can help with each step in the process. They have a wide range of casks for sale, whether you're looking for one, or a portfolio.

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Whisky cask investment

Whisky cask investment can be a unique, and exciting opportunity. And, done right, whisky cask investment returns can be attractive. But as with any investment there are things you need to get right. You need to buy at the right place. You need to make sure you have the right legal and insurance protections in place. You need to work with a company you can trust. We recommend thorough homework.

Spiritfilled are our trusted partner. They're a UK based cask broker specialising in single malt scotch. Their casks are stored in safe bonded warehouses in Scotland. They are your legal property. And Spiritfilled have insurance for all casks from Aviva.

If you want to do more homework, you can read Spiritfilled's free Cask Investment Guide. It'll help you understand investing in whisky. It includes information about whisky, the investment process and potential returns. Hopefully, it'll help you answer the question: ‘is investing in whisky the right strategy for me?’

Free cask investment guide
Single Malt vs Single Cask Whisky
Sell a cask of whisky

Sell a Whisky Cask

Spiritfilled have a large network of brokers, companies, and who want to buy whisky casks. So if you have a cask that you want to sell, they'd be pleased to help.

They'll make it nice and easy to sell your cask of whisky. The first step is to tell them about your cask. Then they'll give you an obligation free valuation. You can say yes or no. If you say yes, they'll find a buyer. They'll represent you, deal with the paperwork, and make sure you're paid. Simple.

You can get in touch with them to have a chat. They'll give you a valuation based on the market today. You can have a think, you don't have to sell if you decide against it.