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The Best Peated, Smoky, Whiskies

The Best Peated, Smoky, Whiskies

Peated whisky has a smoky character to it. Peated whiskies are made with malt that has been dried over peat fires. This peat smoke is what gives the whisky a distinct smoky flavour and aroma, which is often described as earthy, medicinal, or leathery. The intensity of the smoky flavour can vary greatly depending on the amount of peat used in the drying process and the length of time the malt is exposed to the peat smoke.

Peated whisky is primarily associated with Scotch whisky, particularly those from the island of Islay. But it can also be found in other styles of whisky, and many new, artisan distilleries like experimenting with peat.

Here are some of my favourite peated whiskies from independent brands.

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Spirit Type
Cask Type
Single Cask
Cask Strength
Spirit Type
Cask Type
Single Cask
Cask Strength
Claxton's Croftengea 5 Year Old PX Octave
Claxton's Ardmore 12 Year Old STR Wine Barrique
Tri Carragh Ardmore 17 Year Old Bourbon Hogshead
Spencer Collings Anniversary Caol Ila 2012 Marsala cask
WhiskyDudes Staoisha 8 Year Old Oloroso Quarter Cask
Lady Of The Glen Tormore 12 Year Old Ex-Islay Octave Finish
Lady Of The Glen Glenturret (Ruadh Maor) 12 Year Old Tawny Port Finish
Uncharted Whisky, The Pretender, Ardmore 9 Year Old
WhiskyDudes Whitlaw 5 Year Old Amontillado Quarter Cask
Annandale Storyman Blended Scotch Whisky
Mac-Talla Pedro Ximénez Fèis Ìle 2023 Limited Edition
Gleann Mor Rare Find Bowmore 25 Year Old
Dràm Mòr Glen Garioch 2013 10 Year Old
Ferg and Harris Highland Park 18 Year Old Oloroso Cask
Uncharted Whisky Co, Smokestack Lightning, Peated Highland Malt 13 Year Old
Murray McDavid Caol Ila 8 Year Old Tokaji Wine Cask
Dràm Mòr Ruadh Maor 2012 10 Year Old
Càrn Mòr Ardmore 2009 PX Sherry Hogshead
Secret Spirits Auchinderom 8 Year Old
Lochlea Ploughing Edition First Crop
Annandale Man O’ Sword 2016 Sherry Cask
Chapter 7 Whisky: Knockdhu 16 Year Old
Chapter 7 Whisky: Secret Orkney 16 Year Old
Annandale Man O' Sword 2017 STR Cask
Canmore Ardmore 10 Year Old
Canmore Ardmore 10 Year Old Sale price£62.95
Murray McDavid Ardmore 11 Year Old Oloroso Finish
Darach Ardmore 13 Year Old Red Wine Cask
Darach Allt-a Bhainne 24 Year Old
Chapter 7 Whisky: Peallach 7 Year Old
Càrn Mòr Ardmore 2012 Bourbon Barrel
Kilnsman's Dram Ardmore 13 Year Old
Heroes and Heretics, Smoke and Glory, Croftengea 14 Year Old
Càrn Mòr Ruadh Maor 2011 Sherry Hogshead
Samuel Gulliver's 10 Year Old Quarter Cask
Oxhead Dram-Addicts: Bowmore 24 Year Old
TopWhiskies x Chapter 7 Whisky: Caol Ila 8 Year Old Single Malt Scotch