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Article: Whisky Clubs and Whiskey Tasting Groups In The UK 2022

Whisky Clubs and Whiskey Tasting Groups In The UK 2022

Whisky Clubs and Whiskey Tasting Groups In The UK 2022

Whisky Clubs are great. They're a place to learn more about whisky, discover new drams, and stretch horizon. They're a community of kindred spirits. A place to make new friends, over a shared love of great whiskies.

Local whisky clubs have existed for years. Virtual whisky clubs are newer, but have grown in popularity over the past 18 months - for obvious reasons. So, you have a choice, depending on whether you're looking for a club to go along to - or something you can join from home.

Five reasons to join a whisky club

There are countless reasons to join a whiskey tasting group. But here are five key reasons you should consider it:

  1. Increase your knowledge. Clubs often have guest presenters, such as brand ambassadors, along. They can be an ideal place to learn more about whisky.
  2. Try new drams. Joining a club will allow you, and even force you, to expand your horizons. You'll find new favourites. You'll test your boundaries. You'll learn what you don't like (without wasting a full bottle).
  3. Good value for money. In my experience, clubs offer great value of money. Yes, you could go out and buy five bottles of whisky yourself. But what if you don't like them? Even if you do like them, buying five bottles will get expensive fast. Clubs allow you to try new whiskies, dram by dram.
  4. Club whiskies and exclusives. So this will vary club to club. But, medium to large clubs often get you access to exclusive bottles and events. From single cask whiskies, to special tastings, to club events, they are definite perks.
  5. Lifelong friends. The last, but definitely not least, clubs are a great way to make new friends. You have a shared interest. An easy starting point for conversations. And, let's face it, a dram or two makes it easy to become the best of friends.

Best Whisky Clubs and Whiskey Tasting Groups in the UK 2022

Tasting Groups in the UK, 2022

Here is a list of groups in the UK. We try to keep it up to date (last updated March 2022). Find one that's local to you, and give it a go.

  • Birmingham: Birmingham Whisky Club
  • Dumfries and Galloway: Drambusters
  • Edinburgh: Heriot University Whisky Society
  • Edinburgh: Water of Life Society
  • Glasglow: Ubiquitous Chip
  • Gloucestershire: Stroud Whisky Club
  • Hampshire: Wessex Whisky Club
  • London: Capital Whisky Club
  • London: London Whisky Club
  • London: Muswell Hill Synagogue Whisky Club
  • London: Soho Whisky Club
  • London: Whisky Squad
  • Manchester: Manchester Whisky Club
  • Norfolk: Norfolk Arms Whisky Club
  • North East Whisky Appreciation Society
  • Oxford: EBA Oxford Whisky Club
  • Sussex: SWAG Sussex Whisky Appreciation Group
  • West Midlands: Wet Wee Whisky Society
  • Yorkshire: York Whisky Club

Contact us if you'd like to add your club to this list.

Virtual Whiskey Clubs

If you're looking to enjoy whisky from the comfort of your own home, here are five virtual clubs you can join. Kick back, relax, and they'll bring whiskies to you. For more info, you can read our article about the 5 Best Monthly Whisky Subscriptions in 2022 here.

  • Whisky-Me. Get one dram delivered to you once a month for £7.
  • The Dram Team. Another of my real personal favourites. You can read my review of The Dram Team here. They will send you a special tasting every other month, for £45 a box, including UK postage. In my opinion, The Dram Team are the best service for drams.
  • Pour and Sip. A tasting set of five drams delivered to your door for £30 a month.
  • Drams to Your Door. Run by our friends at Milroy's, they choose a whisky tasting kit for you once a month. Five drams for £34.95 a month.
  • Summerton Whisky Club. One of my all time favourites. They'll send you a full bottle of unique whisky every other month. It'll be something different, something special, something you won't find at the supermarket. And for £50 a delivery, with postage included, it's a bargain. Find out more about Summerton Whisky Club here. In my opinion, the best for full bottles.

If you're a member of a club, or have your own club, do let me know in the comments. 

Cheers, Ed

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Sussex whisky appreciation group

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