Firkin 49 Tullibardine 2012 Whisky Review and Tasting Notes

Today I'm taking a look at Firkin 49. Firkin 49 is a 2012 Tullibardine from independent bottler Firkin Whisky Co. Why 49, you may ask? Well, Firkin's founder Mike Collings was born in 1949. This is a rather unique Tullibardine. It's a single cask release. But it's double sherry, and double wood!

If we start with the latter half of that, Firkin make their own custom casks. They take two casks, one American oak and one European, and break them down into staves. They then take half of the staves from each, and build them up into a new cask.

To make the 'double sherry' part, Firkin then season their double wood cask with two kinds of sherry. This is seasoned with Oloroso and Amontillado sherries. Finally, the whisky is poured into the barrel and left for the magic to happen.

Firkin 49 is bottled at their signature strength of 48.9%, and is natural colour and non chill filtered.

Firkin 49 Tullibardine 2012 Whisky Review and Tasting Notes

Firkin 49 Tasting Notes

Colour: Natural colour, light to medium amber. Coats the sides of my copita, with legs that continue to cling on.

Nose: Gentle and welcoming. Soft peach skins, ripened in the sun on the oak kitchen table. Hazelnuts and peanuts - natural, not salted. A touch of sweetness from vanilla fudge.

Palate: Medium to full mouthfeel. Fruit and nut milk chocolate, with raisins and more hazelnuts. Sticky figs and ripe plums. A touch of spice adds gentle warmth.

Finish: Medium to long finish. The fruit and nut chocolate continues. The spice lingers, leaving one's palate ready for another dram.

A review of this Tullibardine 2012

This is a lovely dram. It's an example of a well sherried whisky. One where the sherry plays a key part - without it becoming one big blunt sherry bomb. It's far more balanced, quality underlying spirit met with quality maturation. A great dram to sit and enjoy on a relaxing evening.

You can find out more about Firkin Whisky Co here, read their blog here, and Firkin 49 here.

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