Blind tasting the whole Johnnie Walker whisky range

Johnnie Walker: marketing or brilliance?

Some people love Johnnie Walker whisky. Others think it can be a bit overrated. We think the only way to know for sure is to rank them all blind. That way, personal bias and marketing is out of it!

Johnnie Walker is probably the best know brand of blended scotch. The Red Label is a solid go-to whisky as a mixer and for cocktails. The Blue Label is at a luxury price, particularly for a blended whisky. And they've got all the whiskies in between. A lot people people have questioned whether Johnnie Walker is worth the price and if the quality is there. But we wanted to cut through all of that and try each whiskey blind so the marketing and image wouldn't impact our opinion. 

The Johnnie Walker whisky range

We rank* each Diageo’s Johnnie Walker whiskies:

  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label
  • Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (Johnnie Walker 18)
  • Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
  • Johnnie Walker Green Label
  • Johnnie Walker Green Island Label 
  • Johnnie Walker Double Black
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • Johnnie Walker Red Label

*This is obviously not our ranking, you have to watch the video for that. ;)

Watch our Johnnie Walker blind tasting whisky review


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