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Article: Glengoyne Teapot Dram No. 008

Glengoyne Teapot Dram No. 008 Limited Edition Whisky 2021

Glengoyne Teapot Dram No. 008

Glengoyne has unveiled the latest batch of its coveted Teapot Dram - Batch No. 008. The Teapot Dram series is Glengoyne’s most popular limited-edition range. It tells the story of an old distillery tradition where workers were given three fingers of whisky, three times a day.

Most distilleries would give workers a tumbler of new-make spirit, hot off the stills. But Glengoyne would always ensure the team were given tumblers filled with a young, first fill sherry cask whisky.  

The less seasoned members of the distillery team wouldn't necessarily be able to drink this amount of whisky. To save face, they would quietly pour some of their untouched drams into a copper teapot. Their older colleagues could then visit this teapot, which sat on the canteen windowsill, for an extra dram later. 

Honouring this tradition, the Teapot Dram has remained a bold, sherry matured limited release. Batch No. 008 is matured in first fill European and American oak sherry casks and bottled at 59% ABV. 

Glengoyne Teapot Dram No. 008 Limited Edition Whisky 2021

Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch No. 008 Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Dark amber.
  • Nose: Demerara sugar and stewed red apples. Dark chocolate, ginger, and clove. Soft old leather and floral notes 
  • Palate: Rich and sweet with warming spice. Velvety and mouth coating. Prunes, dry sherry and soft oak 
  • Finish: Oak and spice continue into a long drying finish with a hint of pepper and crisp citrus notes

Barbara Turing is the Brand Manager at Ian Macleod Distillers. She said: “We’re delighted to unveil the latest whisky in our Teapot Dram series in time for the festive period. As with the seven batches before it, No. 008 boasts its own bold and unique character. First fill European and American sherry casks give it a dark copper colour. It has a rich, mouth-coating palate of cooked apple, subtle spice and soft oak.” 

If you'd like to try Teapot Dram Batch No. 008, then it's available from Glengoyne's website. It's priced at £120. 

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