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Single Note: Port Dundas 11 Year Old Whisky

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Key Facts About This Single Grain Scotch

Bottler: Single Note

Founder: Rick van Diepen

Distillery: Port Dundas

Age: 11 Years Old

Region: Lowland, Scotland

Cask Type: Aged in an ex-bourbon cask, finished in a first fill PX quarter cask

Cask Ref: 756132A

Alcohol by Volume: Cask strength at 60.4% ABV

Distilled: 26/10/2009

Bottled: 15/04/2021

Limited Edition: 192 bottles

Bottle Size: 500ml

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Whisky Tasting Notes

Rick's tasting notes

Nose: Buttery with a hint of popcorn, with sweet and refreshing notes of pear, parsnip, peaches and fragrant lavender.

Palate: Green apples at first, with an earthy hint of smoke and walnuts, a wonderful layer of blueberries before the finish sets in.

Finish: Lively and crisp. A sweet wave of apples, pears and oranges, with a youthful edge of lemon and cream. This medium to long finish slowly fades into earthy notes with lavender, cinnamon and orange zest.

Ed's tasting notes

Colour: Natural colour, deep bronze, almost like loose-leaf tea. It leaves a pronounced tide mark in my glass, dotted with lots of little tears. They develop slowly, as they sink down the side of my glass. It looks oily and viscous.

Nose: Freshly ground coffee next to soft muscovado sugar. A leather tobacco pouch. Buttery oat and treacle flapjack, washed down with real ale. Star anise, cinnamon, pepper. There is a touch of heat, but it isn't overpowering. Considering the ABV is over 60, the alcohol seems well integrated.

Palate: Medium to full mouthfeel, velvety. Plums, blackberries and blueberries macerated in soft brown sugar. Pears soaked in red wine spiced with cloves and star anise. A nutty back note. The alcohol adds body and viscosity, and again is well integrated.

Finish: Long finish. Coffee, with orange and almond chocolate on the side. Cinnamon and a little chilli warmth.

Read Ed's full review here.

About Single Note

Scotch whisky and jazz music are Rick van Diepen's passions. Rick has been a whisky enthusiast since the 2005, when he did an exchange program in Edinburgh. He joined the University's whisky society and visited distilleries across Scotland. So he decided to follow his dreams and launch his own Independent Bottler: Single Note Whisky. 

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Minley Manor Whisky Tasting
Mike Collings Scotch industry veteran and the founder of the Firkin Whisky Co

Meet the Founder

Mike Collings

Mike Collings could have retired with an incredible track record in whisky. He had created Johnnie Walker Blue & Green Labels, The Classic Malts, Rare Malts, Distillers Edition, Flora & Fauna series, Cardhu and Royal Lochnagar. That’s pretty good as far as CVs go.

He’s been working in whisky for 40 years. You couldn’t blame him for packing it in and putting his feet up. That would have been the sensible thing to do. But Mike is many things. Sensible isn’t one of them. Mike stirs the pot. He thinks about things differently and always asks: ‘what if …’

So, he found himself enjoying a few drams in a Tokyo bar thinking: what if I created a whisky that was unique on the single cask single malt market.

So he did. And it's Firkin awesome whisky.