Jameson Caskmates Fourpure Irish Whiskey

We're going on an adventure! To try the new Jameson Caskmates whiskey, we are going to the Fourpure brewery to try the IPA that this beer finished Irish Whiskey was made from.

We're big fans of the cocktail the boilermaker, so finishing an Irish whisky in a beer cask makes perfect sense, right!? That's where the Jameson Caskmates range comes in!

Joining the Jameson Caskmates range, this limited edition whiskey launched as a UK exclusive. It has been finished in Shapeshifter West Coast IPA-seasoned barrels, producing a flavour of tropical fruits, sweet clementine and hops. You can watch our review and visit to the Fourpure brewery below, and can find photos from the launch event on Instagram @TopWhiskies.

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