Uisge Source Highland Water Set For Whisky Tasting


Water for Tasting Whisky

If you're going to drink the best whisky, shouldn't use add the best water? Uisge Source is spring water bottled from the same source as the whisky.

It's the drop that makes the dram.

Your set includes 100ml of Highland Spring water and a glass pipette.

Highland Water for Whisky

This is a hard spring water with high mineral content. The water brings out the best in whiskies from the Highland region.

The spring water is filtered through red 
sandstone and limestone. Passing through these brittle rocks naturally remove impurities.

Sourced from St Colman’s Well in Ross-shire, located close to some of the popular Highland Distilleries.

What is Uisge Source?

Uisge Source draws the water by hand from private sources and bottles it. Their water comes from pure, from clear spring waters near the distilleries. That means it's chemically similar to the water they use to make your whisky.

Most of the whiskies we sell as cask strength. The benefit of Cask Strength whisky is that you get to choose how much water to add. Adding a few drops of water opens up a whisky, revealing the distinctive aromas and complex flavours.

Add a dash of Uisge Source to bring out the best in your scotch whiskies

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