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North Star x Whisky Punks Secret Speyside 11 Year Old

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Key Facts About This Single Malt Scotch

Bottler: North Star Spirits

Founder: Ian Croucher

In collaboration with: Whisky Punks

To support: Accord Hospice (donations optional but most welcome)

Distillery: Secret

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Age: 11 years

Distilled: Nov 2011

Bottled: April 2023

Cask Type: Sherry cask

Alcohol by Volume: 51.4%

Outturn: 60 bottles

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Bottle Size: 700ml

Secret Speyside 11 Year Old tasting notes

Tasting notes by Sean Russell

Appearance: Johnny Rotten’s barnet on a sunny day on the Kings Road.

Nose: Sweet, sherry-soaked raisins, sour apple sweets in the mouth of a punk.

Palate: In your face toffee sauce & sweet sherry with a fistful of chopped nuts. 

Finish: Long, sweet and coating with a layer anti-establishment.

About this North Star x Whisky Punks collaboration

An intro from James

Whisky Punks bottle 2.0!

1st things first. In case you hadn't guessed it is whisky. Shocking I know. It is from Speyside. It is 11 Years Old and it is a healthy 51.8% with all the usual trimmings that you'd expect.

2nd big surprise. It's from North Star. It was going to happen at some point sooner or later and I'm still having happy thoughts that we have done this. I'll make no denials I'm a huge fan of Mr Croucher and the North Star team's work for an unbelievably simple reason. I've not had bad gear from him. Ever.

Now for this liquid to even get this into a bottle has been a headache that I can't even go into. When I say we'd be off the Christmas card list and looking at serious legal action we really do mean it. (And when we say legal action we mean something on par an episode of Tenko. So not a fun afternoon.) We'd probably be called up to have a nice cosy conversation with the local magistrates and there's a pretty good chance that I'd also be warmly invited to visit Scotland at my earliest inconvenience and spend some quality time with the magistrate as well. So unless were going to add crowd funding of legal fees to the deal none of us know what liquid is in the bottle.

However if any of us were to know this information and then share it out this bottle would sell out in a day or two and yes I'm basing this on the last time I saw it happen.

Still back to the analysis. It's a thumper of whisky. Go and buy it. It's been through stringent quality control with 6 different people saying it's decent. However, Sean has generously taken time out of his schedule as whisky consultant and international star to provide us with some scribbles and musings

This time round I've not added a charitable donation to it for the simply reason that I morally can't this time round. One way or another we have all been pressed financially and I don't want to push anyone's budget. However if you do wish to do something lovely then any donations to Accord Hospice would be most welcome.

We hope that you love this whisky.

North Star x Whisky Punks Secret Speyside 11 Year Old
North Star x Whisky Punks Secret Speyside 11 Year Old Sale price£64.95