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Samaroli Barbados Rum 2001

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Key Facts About This Single Barrel Rum

Bottler: Samaroli

Region: Barbados

Distilled: 2001

Bottled: 2021

Production method: Pot and column stills

Spirit type: Traditional molasses rum

Cask reference: Single cask, number 1

Alcohol by Volume: 54%

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Bottle size: 700ml

Barbados 2001 Tasting Notes

Clear, clean, and powerful. A rich, sweet nose of almond paste, southern sweets, Mediterranean biscuits, and marzipan. Honeyed tones and minerality. Fruit flavours of banana, lime, and pineapple. Spicy notes of star anise and cinnamon. Magnetic, serious, and powerful.

About this Samaroli release

This single cask rum comes from a batch of barrels bought by Samaroli from an unnamed distillery. If we wind the clock back to the early 2000s, there were only three rum distilleries in Barbados. They were Mount Gay, WIRD, and Foursquare. Our bet is that this is Foursquare.