Mackmyra Distillery AI:02 Intelligens Swedish Whisky


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Key Facts About This Whisky

Distillery: Mackmyra

Country: Sweden

Range: Seasonal limited edition whiskies

Master Blender: Artificial Intelligence, supervised by Angela D’Orazio

Cask Types: ex-bourbon, ex-oloroso, American oak, and Swedish oak

Alcohol by Volume: 46.1%

Bottle Size: 700ml

Mackmyra AI:02 Tasting Notes

Nose: Fruity tones of green pear and honey blended together with vanilla and butterscotch.

Palate: Vanilla fudge with notes of citrus. Slightly spicy pepper and a clear oak barrel character. Everything softly wrapped in smoky peat and juniper.

Finish: Sweet fruits and oaky tones, followed by a discreet smoky tail.

About this special Intelligens release

Intelligens is the worlds first whisky produced with help from Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mackmyra loves innovation and collaborations and this time it's resulted in a very unique approach to whisky making.

AI:02 is the second of five AI-recipes, you can find out about the first, AI:01, here. It is an elegant Swedish single malt whisky with notes of vanilla fudge and citrus. Slightly spicy pepper and tones of oak casks which is nicely embedded in smoky peat and juniper. A full-bodied whisky that is light amber to the eye, with sweet fruits and oaky tones followed by a discreet smoky tail in the finish.

The full cask recipe for this whisky is:

  • 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon, 200L
  • 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon, 100L
  • Freshly saturated Ex-Oloroso, 128L
  • Virgin American Oak, 128L
  • Virgin Swedish Oak, 30L (pre-stored smoky recipe)

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