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Uncharted Whisky, Come As You Are, Dalrymple 11 Year Old

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Key Facts About This Teaspooned Malt

Bottler: Uncharted Whisky Company

Founders: Jack Breslin and Dana de Vos

Release: Come As You Are

Distillery: Dalrymple (Ailsa Bay)

Region: Lowlands, Scotland

Age: 11 years

Distilled: July 2012

Bottled: October 2023

Cask Type: Single first fill oloroso sherry butt

Cask Ref: UC026

Alcohol by Volume: Cask strength at 55%

Outturn: 687 bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

Bottled: Natural colour and non chill filtered

Dalrymple 11 Year Old Tasting Notes

Official tasting notes

Nose: Sticky toffee pudding, raisin bread, dried apricots, trail mix, Pepsi. All the classic aromas of a sherry bomb.

Palate: Rounded and rich butterscotch, melted vanilla ice cream, bags of sweet pastries, oak and clootie dumpling.

Finish: Unctuous sweetness floats around for ever. Butterscotch abounds mingled with cloves, cinnamon and iced Danish pastry.

About Uncharted's Come As You Are

First-fill oloroso sherry cask maturation… what is not to love?

Distilled in July of 2012, this stunning malt has soaked in sumptuous sherry wood for all its life. A fantastic spirit born of the Ayrshire coast, this is often referred to in the indy whisky world as ‘Dalrymple’. This is a title given to the spirit by the distillery, taken from the distillery’s local village. This is a glass of butterscotch and sticky toffee pudding drowned in melting vanilla ice cream, served at cask strength with an awesome natural colour as dark as stewed tea.

This was a sherry butt- that is a big cask. There was a yield of 687 bottles and about half of that is staying in the UK.

What's in a name? Come as you are?

A lot of what Jack and Dana do at Uncharted Whisky is seeking out and buying lots of different casks. They only bottle casks that are exceptional - so what do they do with a cask that maybe haven’t been matured in the best wood? We have to re-rack it. This means pumping the whisky out of the tired cask it is in and sourcing a brand new cask with loads of funky fresh flavour to receive the spirit… and then they sit back and wait.
That is the bread and butter of Uncharted's business. In a nut shell, creating something remarkable from something that was un-remarkable.

However, every once in a while, Jack and Dana find a cracker of a cask that is perfect the way it is. It needs no further work. They get the cask, they adore it, they bottle it. Come As You Are. That is what happened here.

Uncharted Whisky, Come As You Are, Dalrymple 11 Year Old
Uncharted Whisky, Come As You Are, Dalrymple 11 Year Old Sale price£68.95
The Uncharted Whisky Company
Jack Breslin and Dana De Vos, Founders of Uncharted Whisky

Meet The Founders

Jack Breslin and Dana de Vos

The Uncharted Whisky Company was founded by partners; Jack Breslin and Dana de Vos. They've been working in Scotland’s booming drinks industry for years, and have held countless different roles. Now, they're embarking on their own adventure. Something they love. Independent bottlings of cracking whisky.

Jack and Dana select exceptional spirits and marry them with exceptional casks to create off the grid whiskies for Uncharted fans around the world. Everything they bottle has passed the 'Jack and Dana test'. They have to love it before they bottle it. Everything is done by hand and in tiny batches.