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Uncharted Whisky, A Girl Like You, North British 34 Year Old

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Key Facts About This Single Grain Scotch

Bottler: Uncharted Whisky Company

Founders: Jack Breslin and Dana de Vos

Release: A Girl Like You

Distillery: North British

Region: Lowlands, Scotland

Age: 34 years

Distilled: 01/09/1989

Bottled: 24/05/2024

Cask Type: Single bourbon cask

Cask Ref: UC036

Alcohol by Volume: Cask strength at 45.7%

Outturn: 499 bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

Bottled: Natural colour and non chill filtered

North British 34 Year Old Tasting Notes

Official tasting notes

Nose: Bright zingy fruit, a touch grassy, summer blossom and little green apple. This is elegant.
Palate: Pineapple upside-down cake and lemon sorbet burst out first before gentle spices of nutmeg and cinnamon emerge.

Finish: The fruit tingles on the palate like popping candy- it’s almost effervescent. As it fades, tropical fruit juice and lemon sherbet remain.

About Uncharted's A Girl Like You

A beautiful, delicate and complex whisky with decades of maturation under its belt.

North British Distillery was built on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Turning 139 years old this year, North British is a powerhouse producer of whisky, most of which is destined to be blended and bottled young as a constituent part of the big blending brands we all know. They do not release a distillery original bottling which means if you want to try a good one, you’ve got to venture into the wonderful world of independent bottlers.

The angels really have feasted on the ABV of this spirit- they have had 34 years to dip in and out of it. The resulting liquid has a modest natural cask strength of 45.7%. However, there is a silver lining… the high loss means that over the years there has been lots of space for oxygen to move in and out of the cask. This has shaped the maturation and developed a whisky which is super smooth, elegant, and delicately fruity. No amount of new or old wood can create these flavours. Only time can. This has had time in spades. You’ve never met a dram as smooth, elegant, and complex as this before.

Why the name?

Jack and Dana at Uncharted loved this whisky. So, they wanted to give it a rock n roll name that sung to its elegance and desirability while staying true to the humble Edinburgh origins. Hence the homage to Edinburgh’s own rock star - Edwyn Collins and A Girl Like You… and what a guitar sound on that track!

The Uncharted Whisky Company
Jack Breslin and Dana De Vos, Founders of Uncharted Whisky

Meet The Founders

Jack Breslin and Dana de Vos

The Uncharted Whisky Company was founded by partners; Jack Breslin and Dana de Vos. They've been working in Scotland’s booming drinks industry for years, and have held countless different roles. Now, they're embarking on their own adventure. Something they love. Independent bottlings of cracking whisky.

Jack and Dana select exceptional spirits and marry them with exceptional casks to create off the grid whiskies for Uncharted fans around the world. Everything they bottle has passed the 'Jack and Dana test'. They have to love it before they bottle it. Everything is done by hand and in tiny batches.