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TopWhiskies Port Dundas 22 Year Old Twin Casks

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Key Facts About These Single Grain Whiskies

Bottler: TopWhiskies

Range: Casks of Scotland

Distillery: Port Dundas

Region: Lowlands, Scotland

Type: Single Grain

Age: 22 years

Distilled: October 2000

Bottled: December 2022

Cask Type: Two sister casks, bourbon hogsheads

Cask Ref: 305510 and 305520

Alcohol by Volume: Cask strength at 60.3% and 53.4%

Bottle Outturn: 255 from 305510, 275 from 305520

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Bottle Size: Set of two 700ml bottles

Tasting Notes For Both Casks

Ed’s tasting notes for Cask 305510

Colour: Natural colour, pale gold, or chardonnay. Oily, coats my glass with legs sliding down and slow-developing tears.

Nose: Apples stewed with soft berries in brown butter. Golden syrup flapjack sprinkled with cinnamon. Straw lying on the farm kitchen oak table.

Palate: Medium mouthfeel. Apples and berries with buttery vanilla toffee. Golden honey sweetness coats your breakfast oats. Alcohol is well integrated bringing body and pleasingly warm spice.

Finish: Medium. Honey-covered red fruits move into more savoury cereal and then a little spice.

Ed’s tasting notes for Cask 305520

Colour: Natural colour, pale straw or chardonnay. Coats my glass, with tears that develop slowly.

Nose: Green sliced apples and peaches, topped with honeyed oats. Buttery cinnamon pastries sprinkled with flakes of toasted coconut. Dusty oak, dry summer grass, and vanilla.

Palate: Light to medium mouthfeel. A gentle floral character, followed by natural sweetness. Apples, green gauges, honeydew melon. Delicate almond sponge filled with buttercream. Alcohol is well integrated.

Finish: Medium. More fresh fruit sweetness is met with savoury cereal and a touch of gently warming wood spice.

About Port Dundas distillery

The Port Dundas distillery was a historic landmark in the city of Glasgow. Built in 1811, it sat at the highest point in the city, next to the banks of the Forth & Clyde Canal. With its good transport links and prime location in the city, which had become the blending centre of Scotland, Port Dundas grew in size to become Scotland’s largest distillery. By 1885, its three Coffey and five pot stills were producing over two million gallons a year.

But in 2010 its owner Diageo decided to concentrate its grain whisky production at its Cameronbridge distillery. Although there were offers from rival distillers to buy Port Dundas they fell through – possibly due to the potential cost of upgrading the distillery. In 2011, production stopped and the site was demolished. Glasgow’s landmark was lost, and Port Dundas faded into history as a “ghost distillery”.

Our twin casks from Port Dundas pay tribute to this lost landmark with a label that reflects two of Glasgow’s landmarks today - the Glasgow University, and the statue of the Duke of Wellington, with his infamous traffic cones (a long-running joke amongst Glaswegians). We’ve kept both releases as single casks, bottled all-natural at cask strength, so you can try Port Dundas whisky in its purest form. 

This listing is for a pair which includes both bottles, each full size at 700ml.

TopWhiskies Port Dundas 22 Year Old Twin Casks
TopWhiskies Port Dundas 22 Year Old Twin Casks Sale price£200.00