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Swell De Spirits Strathmill 1990 32 Year Old

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Key Facts About This Single Malt Scotch

Bottler: Swell De Spirits

Founder: Michael Barbaria

Range: Field Trip Series #3

Distillery: Strathmill

Age: 32 years old

Distilled: 1990

Bottled: 2022

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Spirit: Single malt scotch

Cask Type: Single refill sherry butt

Cask Ref: 1635

Alcohol by Volume: Cask strength at 54%

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Outturn: 80 bottles (cask share)

Bottle Size: 500ml

Strathmill 32 Year Old Tasting Notes

Without water

Colour: Heavily-oaked Chardonnay

Nose: Lemon puff biscuits, orange blossom honey, and raisin Danish. Freshly printed magazines, ink, pulpy paper, leather briefcase with metal catches. Freshly cut willow tree and feathers.

Palate: Thick and creamy mouthfeel with a big hit of ginger, turmeric, lemon and honey. The paper from the nose comes next, good quality writing paper and ink from a vintage fountain pen, plus an antique metal propelling pencil. A large raisin Danish next to a paper bag of rum and raisin fudge.

Finish: Butter ball sweets, crystallised ginger, spearmint chews, clove balls. An antique Davenport desk, polished with beeswax.

With water

Nose: Water makes the nose richer and reveals milk chocolate, langues de chat biscuits, rum and raisin fudge, vanilla and ginger fudge. There are hard-boiled strawberry sweets, lemon and poppyseed muffins. Hot buttered brioche dripping with honey, olive oil, pulpy paper and fresh ink 

Palate: Vanilla fudge, rum and raisin fudge. Lemon cupcakes, Victoria sponge cake with extra buttercream in the middle. Grass, sage, honey, turmeric, and gingerbread biscuits

Finish: Clove balls, gingerbread biscuits, shortbread biscuits and vanilla latte.

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Michael Barbaria, Swell de Spirits

Meet The Founder

Michael Barbaria

Swell de Spirits was founded by Michael Barbaria in 2021. Michael's two great loves in life are exceptional spirits, and surfing. So he launched independent bottler Swell de Spirits to combine his love of both.

In a relatively short period Michael has made a big mark on the world of artisan spirits. And gained quite a fan base around the world. Rather than focus on one particular spirits category, Michael bottles them all - as he loves them all. From world whiskies, through rums, to cognacs and more. But what they all have in common is that they really are exceptional quality. Michael has an excellent palate and leans towards big flavour bombs. Each of his releases is beautifully present, and some of the label designs are works of pop art in their own right.