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Mackmyra Jaktlycka Swedish Whisky

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Key Facts About This Whisky

Distillery: Mackmyra

Country: Sweden

Range: Seasonal limited editions

Master blender: Angela D’Orazio

Cask Type: Seasoned American Oak, 30-100 litres; seasoned Swedish Oak, 30-100 litres; seasoned ex-Bourbon, 30-100 litres; new and 1st fill American Oak, 128 litres; new and 1st fill Oloroso, 128-200 litres.

Alcohol by Volume: 46.1%

Bottle Size: 700 ml

Mackmyra Jaktlycka Tasting Notes

Nose: Spicy, floral, red berries and fruits with notes of green tea, white pepper and roasted vanilla. Dried grapes, citrus, pear and forest berries.

Palate: Soft fruity and spicy with berries and dried fruit. Pear, raisins, ginger and vanilla. The texture is creamy and medium-bodied.

Finish: Berry, fruity, spicy and oaky with warm notes of raisins.

About Mackmyra Jaktlycka

Mackmyra Jaktlycka ("happy hunting") is a Swedish single malt whisky that celebrates Autumn and the treasures to be found in the ancient Swedish woods. An engaging trail of blueberries and lingonberries is revealed as the whisky was predominantly  matured in casks that previously held Swedish berry wine from the craft producer, Grythyttan. The essence of the whisky is Mackmyra's elegant recipe, aged in casks of Swedish and American oak, combined with a handful of smoky recipe casks for an inviting depth. The result is an expressive whisky with a smooth creamy texture that branches out in notes of dried fruit, berries, spiciness, raisin and vanilla. A saga told in flavour.