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Chapter 7 Whisky: Monologue Girvan 30 Year Old Single Grain Scotch

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Key Facts About This Single Grain Scotch

Bottler: Chapter 7

Founder: Selim Evin

Range: Monologue

Distillery: Girvan

Age: 30 years

Region: Lowland

Cask Type: Bourbon Barrels

Cask Number: 54689 and 54696

Alcohol by Volume: Cask strength at 49.6%

Outturn: 547 bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

Whisky Tasting Notes

Selim's tasting notes

Nose: Maple syrup, honeycomb and soft cedar spiciness.

Palate: Orange peels, confectioner's sugar, more honey and toasted cereals.

Finish: Long and full of dried fruits, the vanilla and oak standing out amongst it all.

Ed's tasting notes:

Nose: Bright straw baked in the sunshine. A light grassy note, fields in the summer. Toasted cereals and vanilla. Butter and maple syrup. Some spice.

Palate: Medium mouthfeel. Wholemeal toast with a generous amount of real butter. Vanilla custard on crumble. Candied orange peel. Spice, and a little chilli warmth.

Finish: Medium finish. Plenty of wood spice, oak and vanilla, together with creamy butter.

About Chapter 7 Whisky's Girvan

This grain whisky distillery is located on the Clyde, in the coastal Lowlands. William Grant & Sons decided to build Girvan Distillery after a dispute with Distillers Company Limited. William Grant & Sons decided to run a TV ad for Standfast Whisky from Grant's. Distillers Company Limited was against this, so William Grant & Sons decided to build Girvan distillery. They did this in just 9 months. Original Coffey stills were used until 1995. Nowadays Girvan uses 6 column stills for its production. The distillery mainly produces grain whisky for brands, as well as Hendrick's Gin. It was also a site for Ladyburn Whisky at one point.

Chapter 7 Whisky has already bottled three single grain whiskies from Scotland, source from two distilleries. This Girvan edition comes from 7 different casks which were vatted together and married in two bourbon barrels. The cask strength is low, which shows the angels have been very greedy throughout the 30 years of maturation!

Single Cask Whisky from Independent Bottler Chapter 7

Meet The Founder

Selim Evin

Selim Evin's love affair with whisky began as a teenager when he accompanied his grandfather on a trip to Scotland. Visiting various distilleries, he was fascinated by both the art of whisky making and the stories behind the whiskies. This early experience left an indelible mark on him, igniting a passion that would later earn him the nickname "Malt Chaser."

In 2013, he made the bold decision to leave a successful business behind and pursue his true calling. He founded Chapter 7, an independent bottler that combined his passion for whisky with his love for literature. The name "Chapter 7" was inspired by the seven ages of man from Shakespeare's works. It symbolises the stages of life that whisky goes through, each stage telling a different story.

Selim's curiosity, commitment to quality, and pursuit of unique whiskies shine through all his whiskies.