Chapter 7 Whisky: Monologue Ledaig 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch


Key Facts About This Single Malt Scotch

Bottler: Chapter 7

Range: Monologue

Distillery: Ledaig

Age: 10 years

Region: Island 

Cask Type: Bourbon Hogshead 

Outturn: 351 Bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

Alcohol by Volume: 51%

Distilled: May 2009

Bottled: March 2020 

Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose: Zesty, coastal, very peaty, with notes of seaweed and fresh oysters, a little lemon.

Palate: Ginger and orange, cardamom, a newly opened box of toffees, white chocolate.

Finish: Orangey bitterness, oak, grilled almonds.

About Chapter 7 Whisky's Ledaig 10 Year Old 

Ledaig Distillery is located in Tobermory village, on the Island of Mull, but today it's known as the Tobermory Distillery. At Tobermory, they split whisky production between the Tobermory and Ledaig single malts. There’s the bright and colourful Tobermory. And there is Ledaig, which is robust, with sweet smoke and earthy notes.

After bottling a 24-year-old unpeated Ledaig, Chapter 7 Whisky thought it would be good to offer a younger cask. So they did, with this Monologue edition. They wanted to let admirers of Island style compare the old versus the young and the peated vs the unpeated. We think it’s a very cool thing to try.

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