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River Rock Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Effortless Enjoyment

River Rock Single Malt Whisky


River Rock Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Creating an effortlessly enjoyable whisky

River Rock Whisky has a clear and simple aim: to welcome more people into Single Malt Scotch. They’ve spent three years searching for the perfect whisky. A single malt whisky which is sweet and welcoming, with none of the aggressive aromas or ‘burn’ some people find in spirits.

By selecting their spirit from higher up the copper still, they have been able to create a cleaner flavour. The high-quality, narrow cut, spirit is then aged in American oak bourbon barrels; this develops the flavours to create an easy-going, approachable whisky which is sweet with a gentle spicy oak finish.

The single malt whisky is perfect enjoyed neat, over ice, or with a mixer - however you like. You can read my review of River Rock whisky here.

River Rock Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

Crafting nature's beauty

The unique River Rock whisky bottle perfectly captures the irregular patterns found in nature. Inspired by the powerful, yet effortless flow of a river, carving unique smooth patterns into solid rock, designed to feel great in your hand.

Nature’s wonkiness couldn’t be captured using computer aided design. Instead they used clay modelling to hand craft the asymmetrical smooth contours, a technique not used by their bottle maker for over 30 years.

Each bottle is a unique colour. They’ve chosen to use the unloved ‘wonky’ glass that is created when glass makers change colour, and which normally goes to waste. River Rock celebrates its inconsistency, embraces its individuality and helps save materials and energy. As well as using ‘wonky’ glass, the bottle is 100% recyclable, using no fancy foils or inks.

River Rock Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes

Making a difference

River Rock’s wonky glass bottle is representative of their focus on embracing natural variation, avoiding waste and making a positive contribution to both society and the environment. They seek to contribute to people and the planet through sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing and simple recycling/re-use.

River Rock whisky also makes a difference through their partnerships. They work with the John Muir Trust to ensure that for every bottle of their whiskies sold, they plant a native tree in Scotland on Schiehallion, a prominent mountain in Perth and Kinross.