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Ooshky Whisky Water Jug

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Ooshky Water Jug

The Ooshky water jug for whisky is a useful, and very cute, little gem. It's perfect for adding water carefully, drop by drop, to your dram of whisky.

The name Ooshky is a play on the word Uisge. Uisge is Gaelic for water. It forms part of the phrase Uisge Beatha which means water of life, the origins of the name whisky.

Ooshky is a beautiful porcelain ceramic jug, made in small batches by a passionate small business owner, Scott Deas. Scott designed the jug himself, so it's all his handiwork.

Why add water to your whisky?

Adding a few drops of water can really help open the flavours of a whisky. This is particularly true of high proof, or cask strength, whiskies where the ABV can be at times too high to fully appreciate all the flavours. But, it's important to add the water drop by drop. You don't want to flood the whisky and bring the strength down too far.

This is where the Ooshky water jug helps. It allows you to add just a drop of water at a time. This gives you full control over how much water you add, and how far you cut the strength of the whisky down.

To use Ooshky, all you need to do is fill the water jug with a little water. You then cover the larger hole with your thumb. This creates a vacuum seal that allows you to control the flow of water. As you release your thumb over the hole a little, a bit of air is allowed into the jug. This in turn allows the water to flow, drop by drop, out of the water jug's spout.

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Ooshky Whisky Water Jug
Ooshky Whisky Water Jug Sale price£28.00