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Spiritfilled Mythical Beasts Highland Peated 20 Year Old


Key Facts About This Whisky

Bottler: Spiritfilled

Founders: Russell Spratley and Ross Archer

Range: Mythical Beasts

Distillery: Secret

Age: 20 Years Old

Region: Highlands, Scotland

Spirit Type: Peated single malt

Cask Type: Single bourbon barrel

Cask Ref: 5

Alcohol by Volume: 54%

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Outturn: 217 bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

Highland Peated 20 Year Old Tasting Notes

Without water

Appearance: A rich, bold gold with substantial legs.

Nose: A fresh vegetal and salty seaweed aroma with woody hints and a delicate scent of coconut and cereals bringing a buttery sweetness to the nose.

Palate: A balanced but confident hit of citrus sweetness and pink peppercorns producing a pleasant mouth tingle. The buttery profile of the aroma translates to the palate.

Finish: There is a lengthy and pleasingly complex finish with reminders of toasted cereals with a final nod to smoky peat.

With water

Appearance: A pale gold

Nose: The addition of water releases the salty, mossy mineral aromas. There is also a pleasant hint of mushroom.

Palate: The peppery spice profile is prevalent with accents of star anise and liquorice.

Finish: The pepper remains but fades elegantly with a final finish of toasted cereals and fresh bread.

Tasting notes by Lisa McWilliam, Spirits Writer, Great Taste Spirit Judge and Drinks Consultant.

About Spiritfilled's Mythical Beast, The Dryad

Deep in the beautiful forested green glens and groves of the Highlands stands a mighty oak. Strong and silent, it hides a secret, hidden in its core: a tree nymph, beautiful, shy and unique. The Dryad is deserving of our respect, with hidden strengths and beneficial supernatural powers, deeply connected to its Celtic roots, with an air of ancient timelessness. Our whisky reflects the smooth flowing power of this mythical being, in touch with Nature and the spirit of Scotland, housed in oak, flavoured with a hint of mystery and a timeless mystical quality.

Spiritfilled Mythical Beasts Highland Peated 20 Year Old
Spiritfilled Mythical Beasts Highland Peated 20 Year Old Angebot£155.00
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Russell Spratley and Ross Archer, Founders of Spiritfilled

Meet The Founders

Russell Spratley and Ross Archer

Spiritfilled was founded by two entrepreneurial best friends, who both love whisky. Russell and Ross stared Spiritfilled as cask broker, helping clients around the world to buy and sell quality whisky casks.

As they explored the warehouses of Scotland, somethings Russell and Ross would discover a certain cask that they'd fall in love with. They couldn't part ways with these super special casks, and so decided to bottle these themselves. Mythical Beasts is their independent bottler label, under which they release their single cask whiskies.