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WhiskyDudes The Bastard No.2 14 Year Old Madeira Cask

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Key Facts About This Blended Malt Scotch

Bottler: WhiskyDudes

Founder: Edwin van Scherpenzeel

Release: The Bastard No.2

Distilleries: Macallan, Highland Park, Glenrothes

Region: Highland and Speyside, Scotland

Age: 14 years old

Distilled: 03/07/2009

Bottled: 14/02/2024

Cask Type: Refill sherry butt finished in a first fill Madeira hogshead for over 3 years

Cask Number: 21

Alcohol by Volume: 51.5%

Bottled: Natural colour and non chill filtered

Outturn: 303 bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

The Bastard No.2 Tasting Notes

Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride on the rollercoaster of flavour! This whisky is as cheeky as its name suggests, with rebellious flavours of lotus root, Korean red pepper and chunky pepper. Madeira casks are not among the most common of casks: expect interesting stuff!

Grassy fields and cooked vegetables mingle with the bold presence of Madeira wine. Notes of Maggi plant and hazelnut. Caramel. Tangerine. Kumquats? Kumquats! Stewer fruits and toffee. Lingering finish, it just keeps going!

This Bastard has Madeira written all over it (amazing!). What an interesting dram and journey - the journey of a Bastard.

WhiskyDudes The Bastard No.2 14 Year Old Madeira Cask
WhiskyDudes The Bastard No.2 14 Year Old Madeira Cask Angebot£84.95
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Meet The Founder

Edwin van Scherpenzeel

Edwin loves whisky. Specifically, quality, transparant whisky. As a whisky enthusiast, he wanted to share honest, beautiful, whiskies with other whisky lovers. So, he founded independent bottler WhiskyDudes, based out of The Netherlands.

WhiskyDudes' expert panel choose the best quality single cask scotch. They bottle these whiskies all natural - with complete transparency. They aim to offer the best possible quality-to-price ratio, so that you, their fellow whisky enthusiast, can pick up some truly delicious whiskies.