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Charlie's Chopper Clean Cut Spiced Rum, Charity Auction

End date: 11-27-2023 - 08:00:00 PM
Winning bid: $20.00
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Key Facts About This Blended Scotch

Donated by: Slanj

Region: Scotland

Spirit: Spiced Rum

Alcohol by Volume: 40% 

Bottle Size: 700ml

Charlie's Chopper Clean Cut Tasting Notes

Uniquely zesty and warm taste profile - peppered with exceptionally clean flavour hit. 

Great with a crafty cola and a slice of lime, or as an integral part of a delicious cocktail.

About this spiced rum

Make from scratch in Glasgow - no added sugar, just an incredible spiced rum with a clean cut flavour.

Presented in a sustainable bottle, manufactured just 30 miles from the distillery. The bottle is embossed, making it tactile, and is 100% recyclable, with no labels or heavy metals (organic inks only). No labels means less waste, while UV curing means there’s less energy consumption in the printing process. Perhaps most important of all, the bottle is made with 20% less glass than normal, and around 33% recycled glass.