Every cask is unique, and every bottle is a limited edition.

Our award-winning whiskies are straight from the cask. We bottle these wonderful whiskies at full-strength; we don’t chill filter, and we don’t add artificial colour. 

The Single Cask independent whisky bottler

The Single Cask Story

Born From The Heart

Ben Curtis, our founder, started his whisky career in South-East Asia.

He worked as a distributor and helped brands who built their reputations based on consistency and reliability

To those brands, being consistent was their most important attribute.  But when Ben tried single cask whisky, he found something incredible. These unique whiskies spoke to Ben's heart.

It was something the big brands were missing.

The Single Cask Story

Whisky Inspired by Single Casks

Whisky from an individual cask is unique. It has a character and personality of its own. No two casks are the same.

The Glenfarclas Family Cask Series inspired Ben to seek one-of-a-kind whiskies. We wanted to find the single malts that that exhibited something special.

His hobby grew into a massive collection of spectacular single cask whiskies. He began working as a cask broker. Ben helped enthusiasts fuel their desires for unique whiskies.

He wanted to share his remarkable whiskies with more people.

The Single Cask Story

Whisky Served in our bar

With so many whiskies to share, Ben founded The Single Cask bar in Singapore. The bar is a place where whisky fans and newcomers alike meet to enjoy a dram. And a chat.

The bar serves The Single Cask bottlings, fantastic whiskies from prominent brands and single malts from obscure independent bottlers. It’s built on learning.

Everyone who comes to the bar walks away learning something about whisky.

Ben found Brendan Pillai, who is now a part-owner of the bar. Brendan brought together a team and has introduced countless people to whisky.

The Single Cask Story

Whisky Available Around the World

We’re exposing more people to fantastic and unique whiskies. With a thriving bar in Asia, we’re now focusing on independent bottlings.

We have around thirty different whiskies available at any given time. It's a changing list because our whisky is all unique and limited.  And when they are gone, they’re gone.

So, every few months we release new limited-edition whiskies. That’s exactly how we like it.

We find and bottle the whiskies we love for whisky drinkers around the world to enjoy.


One cask at a time

We bottle exceptional single malt scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, and American bourbon. We’ve even bottled rums.

If it’s unique and exceptional, we want you to have it. We don’t discriminate.

Our whiskies are all from single casks, bottled at cask strength, with no chill filtration or artificial caramel colour. We’ve kept these great whiskies pure and straightforward; as they should be.

Everything we bottle is a limited edition; sometimes a cask will give us as few as 50 bottles. We bottle new whiskies every few months. We always have something unique, unusual and exceptional for you. But when all the bottles are gone, they’re gone. That’s part of the fun.

Craft Single Malt Scotch Whisky from independent bottler, The Single Cask