Secret Spirits Premium Rum Tasting Set


Premium Rum Tasting Set

Discover the wild and colourful history of rum. Try a selection of the diverse rums in this premium rum tasting set from Secret Spirits

The story of rum is a story of corruption, debauchery and piracy. The flavours in this tasting set are just as rich, varied and exciting.

You’ll get to try a random selection of six of these fabulous rums:

Jamaican Rhapsody Rum 

Central American Rum

Knock On Wood Amber Rum

French Overseas Rum

Trinidad Rum

British West Indies Rum

Demerara Vertical Rum

Fiji Rum

Caroni Rum

Belize Rum

Six Saints Rum 

Your rum tasting set will have a mix of six 50ml samples of these epic rums. That’s six double measures about half a bottle of rum in total.  

These are samples of some of the best rum on the planet. Some of these rums, like the Jamaican Rhapsody Rum or the Demerara Vertical Rum, can cost over £100 for a bottle. 

Secret Spirits Rum Sample Set   

The perfect gift for someone who loves rum. Or someone who wants to love rum. Give them a rum tasting experience for their Birthday, Christmas, and everything between. 

These rums are all made by independent bottlers. They come from various spots throughout the Caribbean. Each rum has a distinct terroir and distillation style. 

The ages and flavours vary far more than rum newbies would ever suspect. What they have in common is that they’re all rare, limited to a few hundred bottles each. If you’re new to the world of premium rum prepare to have your preconceptions shattered. 

If you’re already a rum aficionado, these rums will still blow your mind. You can't lose with this incredible rum tasting set.

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