Uisge Source, regional water set for whisky


Uisge Source bottle spring water from private sources close to some of the popular distilleries in the three major scotch producing regions of Scotland: Highlands, Speyside, and Islay.

These local spring waters share the same make up as the waters used to distill the whisky at the distilleries themselves.  This makes them perfect for using with cask strength whiskies which you may want to reduce in strength.  Reducing the strength of the whisky can help bring out the best in your dram by reducing any alcohol prickle and unlocking new flavours and aromas.

This set is perfect for both single cask whisky lovers and for those looking to a gift.  It includes three 100ml bottles of regional waters.  First, there's a hard, mineral-rich water for Highland whiskies.  Second, there's a soft, low-mineral water for Speyside whiskies. And third, there's a water with higher natural acidity for Islay whiskies.  The set also includes a useful pipette thats perfect for adding just the right amount of water to your dram.

Add a dash of Uisge Source to bring out the very best in your cask strength whiskies.

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