Peg Whisky: Blended Scotch


Key Facts About This Blended Malt Scotch

Bottler: Peg Whisky


Region: Multiple 

Bottle Size: 700 ml

Alcohol by Volume: 40% 

Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose: Warming and fresh with the subtle smell of barley and orange.

Palate: Smooth with mint toffee, liquorice and a gentle hint of spice.

Finish: Pleasantly dry and malty sweetness.

About Peg Whisky's Blended Scotch

Whisky drinkers need this blended scotch. They guys behind Peg Whisky saw a lot of blends out there, but they didn't think there were many that delivered the impact they were looking for. So they created this blended scotch whisky to pour and enjoy with friends and family.

This blended scotch whisky brings together the best of both malts and grains to give Peg Whisky its unique taste and character. It's a smooth and approachable 40% ABV. A blended whisky that's easy drinking, but a cut above some of the more traditional mass-market blends. Well worth trying, if you find yourself looking for an easy every day sipping whisky. So, pour a peg, sit back, and relax!

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