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Imperial Tribute: A Personalised Scotch Whisky Gift


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The Perfect Whisky Gift

Mike Collings created Blue Label, Green Label, Classic Malts and Firkin Whisky Co, amongst others. He also made Old Parr Elizabethan, which The Sunday Times described as 'distilled genius'.

Imperial Tribute reflects Mike’s quest to create the ultimate whisky gift.

  • Imperial Tribute is a truly voluptuous malt whisky. It is a marriage of richness, subtle spice and elegant complexity.
  • The bottle is wrapped in handmade paper from Nepal and tied with an Italian silk ribbon.
  • Each bottle comes with a personalised vellum certificates that are embossed with gold foil.
  • Each bottle is individually numbered and personalised. Only 300 bottles are released worldwide.

A Malt Whisky They'll Remember

Imperial Tribute is richly wooded. The dark Madeira spice melts into a sumptuous middle and finishes with a hint of peat smoke. The honeycombed, creamy vanilla and sweet oak is sensational.

An exquisite blend of richness, subtle spice and elegant complexity. Imperial Tribute is wonderfully balanced with an amazing depth of flavour.

A Personalised Scotch Gift

Each bottle of Imperial Tribute is personalised by hand. The receiver's name is included on the label, and you can include personal messages on both the certificate and the gift card. It's the ultimate whisky gift.

On receipt of your order, craftsmen inscribe your message on the bottle and the certificate of ownership. Then, the limited-edition bottle is gift wrapped by hand using the finest Nepalese paper. After wrapping the boxes in ribbon, it's dispatched with a personalised gift card.

Make Your Scotch Personal

Complete the form above the 'add to cart' button. Please provide:

  1. The receiver's full name. This appears on the bottle. 
  2. The inscription for the certificate. This appears on vellum inside the presentation box. 
  3. The message for the gift card. This will go inside an envelope, tucked under the Italian silk ribbon.   

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