The Single Cask Tobermory 23 year old Review

Tobermory whisky

You can find the Tobermory whisky distillery on the island of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland. It is, in fact, the only distillery on Mull. Formerly known as Ledaig, the distillery was founded in 1798. Its had its ups and downs over the two centuries since, having changed hands many times and even been mothballed for periods.

Today, you or may not have heard of Tobermory; a lot of its single malt is actually used in blends such as Black Bottle. There's a chance you might also recognise that other name we mentioned, Ledaig; while the distillery has changed its name, they have preserved the name Ledaig as a brand for their peated spirit.

With much Tobermory being used in blends, sampling the whisky in its purest form is an interesting treat. In this review we're looking at a single cask 23 year old ex sherry Tobermory bottled by The Single Cask at cask strength of 54.2%, natural colour and non chill filtered; cask #1201 produced 161 bottles. We are big fans of The Single Cask, they're one of our favourite independent bottlers, so we were excited to tuck into this scotch.

We're were not disappointed.

The Single Cask Tobermory 23 year old tasting notes

Colour: medium strength fine leaf tea.

Nose: rich with notes of dark chocolate, cigars, red berries, and some maltiness.

Palate: more dark chocolate and red berries reminiscent of a bordeaux, a slight citrus edge, a herbal note like damp grass, and underpinned by oak.

Finish: more of that cigar note we found on the nose and some toffee, together with the oak of the cask.

Overall: this was a really delicious whisky, finding something new on each sip drew us in for more.


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