Summerton and The Single Cask 5 year old Glen Ord whisky review


Summerton Whisky Club is a members' club founded in 2018 by Dan Humphrey. They share unique and wonderful whiskies with their members every month. Summerton's model is really simple (I like simple): each member pays £50 every other month, and every other month Dan sends them a unique bottle, delivered to the door, with postage included in that £50 price. Great whisky, great price, great service - its no wonder Summerton are one of our favourite whisky subscription clubs.

The Single Cask and SUMMERTON CLUB

One of our favourite Independent Bottlers, The Single Cask, collaborated with Summerton Whisky Club in June. I'm very excited to see two of my favourite teams working together! This month's whisky is a 5 year old Glen Ord bottled exclusively for Summerton Whisky Club.  

Glen Ord single malt whisky distillery


Glen Ord is a Highland distillery founded in 1838, making it one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. It is now the only remaining distillery on the Black Isle, in the north east of Scotland - a peninsula jutting out of the Scottish mainland and into the North Sea.

Glen Ord continues to malt its own barley and to use the long fermentation and slow distillation methods followed there for generations.  This investment of time and effort produces a very high quality spirit.

A lot of Glen Ord is used as a blending component in big brand names, as it is a smooth Highland whisky that adds a wonderful thread to many whiskies.  But their spirit is delightful and deserves to be showcased in its own right; as The Single Cask have done here, with a fantastic ex-bourbon barrel that yielded 332 bottles at 46%.

The Single Cask and Summerton Whisky Club Glen Ord 5 year old review


This whisky is an exercise in delicate restraint that allows the quality of the Glen Ord spirit to shine through and makes for the perfect dram for hot, sunny days.  

  • Colour: light straw, an honest reflection of this natural colour, non chill filtered, whisky.  
  • Nose: perfumed, delicate and floral, it has a buttery note to it along with green apple skin and cut pear, reminiscent of a good chardonnay.
  • Palate: those green notes continue on to a smooth palate, with apples, pears and grapes that are joined by notes of vanilla, walnut and just a little icing sugar sweetness. 
  • Finish: a medium finish rounds off this gentle and pleasant summertime dram with a touch of warming wood spice.

I found that, for maximum enjoyment, I liked to keep the bottle in the shade so that the whisky is cool. Then, I'd pour myself a dram, and find a sunny corner of my garden on a late summer afternoon to kick back and relax.

But, that's what I think. You can find out what No Nonsense Whisky thought in his YouTube review here, Swedish Whisky Girl in her YouTube review here, and Whisky Shared in his YouTube review here.

While this particular whisky was a Summerton exclusive, you can find our range of other whiskies by The Single Cask here.

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