The Final Cut whisky tasting gift set

The Final Cut gives you everything you need to create your perfect dram - cut to your taste. 

Adding water to whisky

Distilleries sometimes reduce the alcohol strength of their whiskies before bottling by adding some water. This process is known as ‘cutting’ whisky. They do this because they think the whisky tastes best that way. And that’s OK in principle; adding water can be an important part of enjoying whisky, particularly cask strength whiskies which are often otherwise high ABV. The water removes any alcohol prickle and allows the whisky to open up. As the whisky opens and relaxes, it unlocks more flavour molecules; which means you’ll be able to enjoy more aromas and pick out new tasting notes. 

Reducing cask strength single malts

But here’s the thing: everyone’s tastes are different. So The Final Cut whisky tasting set puts you in control, and includes everything you need to create your perfect dram, suited to your own personal tastes. There’s 100ml of whisky at natural cask strength (read, high strength!), bottled by one of our favourite independent bottlers, The Single Cask. It comes with 100ml of Uisge Source spring water, drawn from private wells in the same region the whisky is distilled in; this means the chemical composition will match that of the water used to distill the whisky in the first instance. There’s a Glencairn, whisky’s official glass which is designed to help you nose whisky and fully appreciate its complexities. And there’s a glass pipette, so you can control the exact amount of spring water you want to add to your cask strength whisky, drop by drop.

Whisky tasting sets

There are three Final Cut regional whisky tasting sets to choose from: Islay, which includes a 12 year old Caol Ila; Highland, which features a 9 year old Ardmore; and Speyside, which has a 10 year old Benrinnes. Or, if you can't choose, you could have all three - just saying!

For yourself, or as a gift idea for a whisky lover

All three whisky tasting sets are great, and an excellent introduction to: cask strength whisky; cutting high alcohol whiskies to your ideal strength; and, if you get all three, comparing regional characteristics between these single malt whiskies. Whether you’re looking for something to enjoy yourself, and are looking for interesting whisky gift ideas to buy a whisky lover for Christmas 2020, these would be perfect. So much so in fact, The Final Cut features in our recent ‘top 10 best whisky gift ideas under £50’ article.

You can find all three sets here, for £29 each; and, we ship worldwide

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