All in bar reviews

The Pot Still

"The Pot Still is unlike any bar we’d ever seen. Rows of whisky bottles were stacked on wood bookshelves. If the library had been like this, we probably would have studied more." 

The Piper Whisky Bar

"Statues with cold eyes and water dripping from their noses and exaggerated fingers watched us ford the rivers that pooled around the pavement. And then we saw it: the blissful doors above a sodden green carpet on saturated concrete steps. The Piper Bar."

The Beaufort Bar

"The American Bar is, hands-down, one of the best bars in the world. Since opening in the late 19th century, the American Bar has written bartending history: from Ada Coleman, who invented the Hanky Panky cocktail to Frank Sinatra. But the American Bar is not the best bar at the Savoy."

The Single Cask, Singapore

"Our friend read an advert for The Single Cask above a urinal in Chijmes, Singapore. As any man can tell you, the ad space above a urinal is valuable real estate, it’s also how we keep up with the football and the X-Factor."