Evan and Ed

Evan and Ed

Hello, we're Evan and Ed. 

We started drinking whisky at university and have only briefly come up for air since. We bumbled our way through when we started out and can more or less go to a tasting now without making ourselves look too foolish. Well, anymore than usual. Our YouTube channel, Instagram page, and this website came about as a way to take other people along as we learn and experience more of this lovely spirit. Hopefully you’ll join us for a dram as we review whisky, whiskey, and bourbon from around the world.   


Nose: While matured in American barrels, he’s been finished in European oak. There is something a bit unnatural about his notes, like he changed planes at Heathrow and started speaking with a British accent.

Mouth: Beguilingly immature with subtle refinement. He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics and did his Master’s in English at Cambridge, yet has only managed to put that to use at dinner parties where he can be mildly entertaining until he insists on playing political drinking games.

Throat: As with many other management consultants, there is a lot promised up front but he genially fails to deliver - like when he tells a joke that doesn’t make people laugh and he elucidates as to why they should have.


Nose: With overtones of the posh boarding school he attended as a boy, there is something aristocratic about him. Perhaps it’s male pattern baldness.  

Mouth: It could be from living and working in Asia for two years, or his MBA and degree in Industrial Engineering, but he’s very structured. Similar to what you see coming out of Japan, he isn’t so much a traditional single malt as a manicured and fashioned flavour.      

Throat: He has a lingering finish, like he’s wont to let go of tradition. It’s an extraordinary and bewildering twist from someone who works in FinTech