We're delighted to be partnered with our friend Paul of Dream Whiskies.  Dream Whiskies runs a free competition to win a different whisky every month.  Each prize is literally a dreamy whisky; valued at £250 a bottle or more, and often a rare or limited edition bottling, these are some of the most exclusive whiskies in the world.  

There are lots of different ways to enter the monthly competition, from signing up to the Dream Whiskies email, to posting on social media.  You can enter as many times as you like - the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win - all for free!  To enter this months prize draw, just click the button below to go through to Paul's website.  

Best of luck, Paul, Evan and Ed

April 2019

Our April prize was a lovely bottle of Talisker, the Distiller’s Edition from 1986. This old bottle is now a rare piece and selling for around £400 on auction sites today. This piece of liquid history was won by Caroline from the UK.

Congratulations Caroline! Paul, Evan and Ed

June 2018

The prize in June 2018 was a rare limitedrare bottle of The Glenlivet Tollafraick 16 year old single malt scotch whisky. It was worth over £400 and is bottle number 35 of a very limited run of 498 bottles. Bottled from a single cask, it’s cask strength at 57.2% ABV. This lovely bottle of The Glenlivet was won by Alan in Scotland.

Congratulations Alan!  Paul, Evan and Ed

May 2018

The prize in May 2018 was a rare bottle of The Glenturret Camerons's Cut single malt scotch whisky.  This Glenturret was bottled to celebrate the career of industry legend Neil Cameron, in what was a very limited run of only 218 bottles. Today, its worth over £300 - if you can get your hands on it, that is, with only a couple of bottles remaining for purchase, which have to be bough at the distillery itself.  The terrific prize was won by Simon Hunter.

Congratulations Simon!  Paul, Evan and Ed

April 2018

The prize in May 2018 was a rare bottle of Ardbeg Airgh Nam Beist.  This beast of a bottle is sold out on the primary market, and so is very difficult to get your hands on today - and if you find a bottle, it would cost over US$500 to take it home. This fantastic prize was won by Geraint Davies.

Congratulations Geraint!  Paul, Evan and Ed