Glenturret Cameron's Cut

The cask was laid down in 1987 and was bottled 29 years later to celebrate Neil's 40 years in the whisky industry. This is a very limited edition collector's item, a cask strength single malt that is typical of Glenturret's style.

Bailie Nicol Jarvie

"By far the most important thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon was on 12 October 2014 when I purchased 6 bottles of Bailie Nicol Jarvie for £19.95 each.  My greatest Amazon regret is not buying 12 bottles of BNJ."

The Pot Still

"The Pot Still is unlike any bar we’d ever seen. Rows of whisky bottles were stacked on wood bookshelves. If the library had been like this, we probably would have studied more." 

The Piper Whisky Bar

"Statues with cold eyes and water dripping from their noses and exaggerated fingers watched us ford the rivers that pooled around the pavement. And then we saw it: the blissful doors above a sodden green carpet on saturated concrete steps. The Piper Bar."

Bruichladdich The Laddie Ten

"Our mission is to safeguard the US and its allies from weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high explosives). Our area deals with implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, so we go to sites to verify treaty compliance."

Shackleton Whisky

"Shackleton had the shopping list of a teenager left home alone for a weekend; he was just missing frozen pizza, which would have been easily arranged. He didn’t have fresh fruit or vegetables, but he brought 25 cases of whisky (along with 12 cases of brandy and 6 cases of port)."