Bowmore 12 year old

"We were boisterous, daring ‘try anything once’ people at school. Eric wasn’t. A silent partner in crime, he was in the background like a Clapton or Bob Dylan song that you only heard in between jokes or before the parties started."

The Single Cask, Singapore

"Our friend read an advert for The Single Cask above a urinal in Chijmes, Singapore. As any man can tell you, the ad space above a urinal is valuable real estate, it’s also how we keep up with the football and the X-Factor."

Don’t blend ignorance and whisky

"Our friends Alex and George weren’t working at the Duty Free that day and we were met by a woman looked like a lizard. Not like a cool iguana, we mean the little lizards who detach their tails to distract predators when they run away."


"Because you don’t know where it’s from or how old it is, you are basically just trusting the ‘brand’ and paying for a cool bottle. But, in the case of Smokehead, it is a very cool bottle."

Aberfeldy 12

"Plastic tables spilled onto the road and the air was peppered with Chinese and Indian words. We’re not exactly sure how we ended up at an Indian restaurant in Singapore’s Chinese district, but there we were looking at a faded poster of Sachin Tendulkar."