10 best whisky YouTube channels 2018


The whisky community on YouTube is strong, with some great channels producing interesting and useful whiskey reviews and guides.  Its a great way to not only learn more about the best whiskies, but also to meet fellow whiskey lovers.

TopWhiskies was delighted to be ranked in Feedspot's top 50 whiskey YouTube channels.  To celebrate, here are 10 of our top favourite best YouTube channels for English-speaking whisky lovers - in alphabetical order.



The gentleman prince of whisky, Roy of Aqvavitae makes thoughtful and informative whisky reviews and guides.  Along with must-watch videos such as "how to pronounce Scotch whisky", "whisky buyer's ABCD", and his "recycled reviews", Roy does regular live streams which have a great community feeling to them, and often see a guest speaker join Roy on the virtual stage.

Jason Whisky Wise

Jason's passion and enthusiasm for all things whisky shines through his videos on Jason Whisky Wise.  Jason publishes videos around three times a week, thoughtfully working through a particular distilleries' products, or a particular style of whisky, over time; these methodical series given anyone a good insight into that topic.

Malted in Montreal 

Swami of Malted in Montreal brings a touch of rock'n'roll to the whisky community.  Along with the occasional review of, say, a rum or a cognac, Swami reviews a range of whisky on his channel based out of Canada.  His honest and approachable videos are published around three times a week, including the occasional live stream.

No Nonsense Whisky 

Hosted by Vin PF, No Nonsense Whisky, as the name might suggested, features straightforward whisky reviews of the drams you may be interested in buying.  His videos are always honest and frank, and give a good appraisal of any given whisky.  Vin publishes two videos a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Scotch Test Dummies

Scott and Bart from America are the larger-than-life comic geniuses of the whisky world.  Scott and Bart publish several times throughout the week; with blind challenges, head-to-head shoot outs, and live video streams, one thing is for sure: there'll be plenty of banter - "scotch it, you scotch gods"!

The Malted Man Cave

The Malted Man Cave is a double-act from Keith and Dave in America, who produce reviews sharing their thoughts on a range of whisky.  Keith and Dave publish a video about every week.  Their double act, and ensuing banter, make these videos an enjoyable watch as well as detailed reviews of the given subject.

Trenny and C

Trenny and C are another double-act who hang out together twice a week, publishing videos on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Their tongue-in-cheek description of their channel being their mom's second favourite whisky channel is an apt reflection of their fun, banter-filled, videos - during which they review a wide range of whiskies from around the world.


So, perhaps a little cheeky including ourselves in the list - lets call it editor's prerogative.   With Evan in front of the camera and Ed behind the camera here in London, we publish a fun video every Wednesday - ranging from whisky reviews, through guides on the topic, to light-hearted vlogs.

Whisky in the 6

Rob's whisky channel is based in Toronto Ontario in Canada, which is also know as "The 6". Rob's easy going videos are published around three times a week, with a good mixture of in-depth reviews, live streams, video collaborations, and interviews with some of the big brand Ambassadors in Canada.

Whisky Whistle

Whisky Whistle is hosted by Mark, a charismatic Canadian who finds himself in Korea where he films engaging whisky reviews.  Mark publishes around two videos a week, with a range of in depth reviews, side-by-side comparisons, and the odd "dumpster dram" which is always an entertaining watch.